At the French Counsel's Office in New York City

  • Robert M. Parker, Jr.

  • 01 May 2001 | Events

The outstanding chef from Paris's Hotel Bristol prepared a sumptuous meal for the ceremony where I was awarded the top honor from the International Academy of Gastronomy. All the wines were delicious, with the white Burgundy being the least distinguished. The 1988 Albion is a great buy for readers looking for a modern-styled Spanish red with oodles of flavor as well as new oak. The remarkably young 1975 Vega Sicilia Unico is a sensational effort revealing some maturity, but exceptional depth and youthfulness. The sleeper effort was the non-vintage Osborne Pedro Ximenez. It possesses the thickness and sweetness of molasses. One bottle will easily serve 18-20 people!

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