Brasseries Georges Brussels, Belgium

This is a well-known brasserie that was highly recommended, but we found it to be mediocre and unpleasantly noisy, smoky, and cramped. First of all, it reeked of tobacco smoke, even though there is a small section for non-smokers. Secondly, the tables are so small and packed together that you are basically leaning on other people even though you're sitting at your table. Thirdly, the food was basically thrown at you. I could have survived these problems if the food had not been decidedly mediocre. Despite some reliable sources, this was a terrible experience, and I can not recommend it. Although I will say, if I had been in the mood for seafood, the selections at the raw bar looked impeccable. I did like the idea that one could have their french fries four different ways. We ordered each one just to compare them, but the french fries weren't even that good. About the only good thing we had was a tasty 2003 Beaujolais St.-Amour that had been bottled exclusively for the brasserie.

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