Chez Yvonne

This was probably our best meal in Strasbourg. Chez Yvonne is another beautiful and less touristy venue than Maison des Tanneurs or Tire Bouchon, located a few minutes from the famous Strasbourg Cathedral. Their menu is filled with classic, old style Alsatian food. The wine list was attractive, and we had the finest Alsatian wine of our brief sojourn in Strasbourg, the 2007 Domaine Weinbach Schlossberg Riesling, which was superb. As for the food, it was very traditional, rather classic, generous and generally packed with flavor. The only exception was the Coq au Riesling, which was somewhat sinewy. Nevertheless, I would return to this restaurant as opposed to the two other ones we visited, which had great ambiance but so-so food.

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