There are two Kabuki restaurants in Madrid. This one is located on the same block as the Hotel Wellington (where my wife and I were staying), and I had heard it was one of the finest sashimi/sushi restaurants in all of Western Europe. Chef Ricardo Sanz is indeed a brilliant chef who puts a slightly Spanish touch on his dishes. For example, the sardines were served in a Spanish style and the toro (tuna belly) was served with a sprinkling of bread crumbs, olive oil and tomato marmalade. The food was exquisite, and anyone who has spent time in Spain knows they are obsessed with the freshness and quality of their seafood (even more so than the French or Italians). Moreover, the raw materials Spanish chefs get from the Mediterranean off the coast of Valencia and Alicante as well as from the even more famous seafood paradise, the Galician coast, are unparalleled. I would not hesitate to return to Kabuki as the food was very easy to eat as well as digest. Even more shocking is that they have one of the greatest wine lists I have ever seen. It was filled with the finest Spanish wines in addition to a remarkable selection of French and Italian wines. As one of the people in our party said, this highly recommended restaurant is at the level of the famed Masa in New York City. I’m not sure I agree, but this is a world-class sushi/sashimi venue with a distinctively Spanish influence. Add one of the finest wine lists I have ever seen and this is a magnet for wine and food lovers.

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