Maison des Tanneurs

This beautiful restaurant with its rustic, rural ambiance is situated in the scenic canal-laced la petite France in Strasbourg. My wife and I were staying around the corner at the Hotel Regent, so it was a short walk to Maison des Tanneurs. We had last eaten at this restaurant in 1967. The food is good, but this is a highly touristed place, so don’t expect anything more than substantial portions of the local classics. Our meal included excellent foie gras and a good plate of marinated sauerkraut with lots of meat and delicious sausage. With our meal, we drank a good, but unspectacular bottle of Henriot 2002 Rosé Champagne. This is a great vintage in the Champagne region, but this offering did not “ring our bells” as much as we had hoped. In any event, this is a beautiful venue in a lovely sector of the city and while good, it is hardly inspiring.

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