Mercato (Jean-Georges)

This is a fashionable, chic, popular Italian restaurant with the creative cuisine of Jean-Georges, who has his flagship Shanghai restaurant in the same building. The overall emphasis here is on fresh, lively, market flavors with an Italian orientation. Our entire meal was sensational as was the magnificent view of the modern skyline of Pudong across the river. Everything was well-prepared; the pizzas were innovative and brilliantly executed, and the flavors were intense. I highly recommend this restaurant, but reservations are essential given its fashionable popularity.

As for the wines, the ever-reliable Billecart Rosé Champagne got us off to an excellent start. While young, the sumptuous fruit and full-bodied texture of the 2009 Clape Cornas Renaissance (from this iconic estate's younger vines) was gorgeously rich and dense - a great wine from a great year and producer.

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