This restaurant, located at the foot of the old city of Quebec, is another Relais & Château restaurant and part of the Auberge Saint-Antoine hotel complex. We had a delicious meal, with very fresh, lively ingredients, particularly the halibut, snow crabs, and milk-fed veal. These dishes were washed down with two brilliant dry Rieslings from Austria, the 2007 F.X. Pichler Smaragd Steinertal and the 2005 Knoll Smaragd Kellerberg. Those wines were followed by an outstanding Côtes du Rhône, the 2007 Richaud Terre de Galets. The Côtes du Rhône is fully mature, while both Rieslings seem to have at least another 10-15 years of life in them. Both of these powerful, full-bodied, dry whites from Austria are terrific examples of Riesling.

This is another restaurant that not only met but exceeded expectations and seems to merit one, or perhaps even two stars if Guide Michelin were to bestow ratings on them.

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