Port: A Favorite Christmas Tipple

  • Anthony Maxwell, Liv-ex Director

  • 04 Dec 2019 | News & Views

The Liv-ex Port 50 index, which tracks the price performance of the last ten physical vintages of the five most actively traded Port wines, has risen 15% over the past five years. It has underperformed against the industry benchmark, the Liv-ex 100 (31%), and the broadest measure of the market, the Liv-ex 1000 (48%).


In the past year, the Port 50 has dipped 1%. By contrast, the broader market has been flat, while the Liv-ex 100 has fallen 1.5%. The Bordeaux 500 has dipped even more—2.8% since September 2018.

As the chart below shows, the performance of the Port 50 sub-indices has been somewhat mixed. The Graham index has risen 5.6%. Dow has been flat in the past year, while Taylor’s (-1.9%), Warre (-2.2%) and Fonseca (-5.2%) have dipped.


Benefiting from another year in bottle and no price increases, similarly to Sauternes, these Ports will make an even better tipple this festive season.

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