This small country restaurant is beautifully situated on a hillside located ten minutes from downtown San Sebastian. It has been run for years by the Rekondo family, including the father, Txomin, and his beautiful daughter, Lourdes. The food is the antithesis of the molecular cuisine found at some Spanish restaurants, relying on the highest quality raw materials prepared in a traditional yet authentic manner with considerable fidelity to the Basque region. Their wine cellar (nearly 130,000 bottles) is filled with treasures. My wife and I chose a wine from our birth year, the 1947 Vina Real Rioja, that was in spectacular condition. It was one of the best wines I have drunk in the last six months. We refreshed our palates with the 2011 Txakoli Etxaniz from Guertari, Spain. Txakoli, the local white wine speciality, is produced just up the coast from San Sebastian, and this classic Basque white complements the region’s remarkable seafood. Think of it as a blend between a French Muscadet and a Vinho Verde from Portugal. There is always a small amount of CO2 in it, and this particular offering was composed of 75% Hondarrabi Txuri and 25% Hondarrabi Bletze. Offering plenty of floral/grapefruit notes, it is a light-bodied, delicious, low alcohol, zesty white to drink voraciously.

The cuisine was copious as well as exceptionally well prepared and impeccably served by both father and daughter, who were as charming as one could ever want without being condescending or overly encroaching. They had that magical touch of knowing when to be present and when to let you enjoy your privacy. The food ranged from spectacular cuddle fish cooked in its own ink, to a sensational roasted pig. This was a very enjoyable venue, particularly since it was a mild evening and my wife and I could sit outside on the terrace, under their beautiful shade trees. I highly recommend Rekondo for both its food and wine list.

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