Considered to be one of the finest Basque seafood restaurants in Madrid, Sanxenxo offers a spectacular entrance. As you walk in the entire floor on which you stand is made of glass through which you can see a huge tank of live lobsters and hairy crabs from the Galician coastline swimming around. We had lunch here on the day we arrived in Madrid, so we ate lighter than normal because of jet lag. The food was excellent across the board, with my favorite dishes being the perfectly grilled lobster and the Galician pie made of fresh scallops, onions and herbs. The only wine we had was from the restaurant proprietor’s estate in Rias Baixas, the2009 Valdamor Albarino. Like many other Spanish restaurants, Sanxenxo has a perfect business model of serving wines for which they actually own the vineyards – an extra incentive for profit.

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