The Turk’s Inn Lands In Brooklyn

The Turk’s Inn has quite the history. Dating back to 1934, the original Turk’s Inn was located in Hayward, Wisconsin, where Istanbul-native George “The Turk” Gogian helmed the ship that made a name for itself via belly dancers, friendly staff and colorful décor. Following a family death in 2014, Turk’s Inn closed. Enter Varun Kataria and Tyler Erickson, regulars of the restaurant and childhood friends of the Gogian family, who rode in on a pair of white horses and purchased much of the interior at auction, including the original 1940’s-style bar designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Their end goal: to make The Turk’s Inn live on. 

Tonight, their end goal—to make the Wisconsin favorite live on—comes to fruition with the grand opening of The Turk’s Inn in Bushwick. "We wanted to tell the story of this amazing place to the largest audience we could find," says Kataria. "While historic establishments are closing across the Midwest, no longer supported by the communities that created them, we knew that New York would appreciate this unique experience." 

Fans of the OG will be delighted to see the aforementioned bar in 5,000-square-foot new iteration, as well as bright red walls, Indian accents including (many) tchotchkes, a tile floor and plush seating.

Alberto Carballo, a Boquería alum, doles out a Turkish-inspired menu featuring dishes like green bean falafel with mushroom sauce and dry onion; moussaka; lamb ribs with green tomato chutney and adjika (a traditional hot and spicy Georgian condiment); and Turkish baked Alaska for dessert. At the bar, guests can expect new takes on classic cocktails, like the Marrakesh Mule with vodka, housemade ginger-cumin syrup and lime and the Salted-Apricot Martini with Black Infusions apricot vodka, apricot eau-de-vie and a pinch of salt. A selection of frozen cocktails can be had on the roof—yes, there is a rooftop, just in time for that New York City summer sunshine.

Adjacent to The Turk’s Inn lies the Doner Kebab, where all kinds of schwarma and sides await guests for take-out. 

The Turk’s Inn is located at 234 Starr Street in Brooklyn, New York, and is open daily for dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Images courtesy of The Turk's Inn.

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