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If April is the cruelest month, then we’re celebrating the last dastardly day with a bang, not a whimper—we have just posted 18 new articles in our latest Issue. In fact, the total is 19, if you include the mammoth Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur report published last week featuring nearly 800 reviews and an in-depth analysis of the growing season, styles and quality of this “Extreme Vintage.” To accompany this article, a separate Sauternes 2018 En Primeur report has just been published, with nearly 50 sweet & sticky reviews.

So bored of Bordeaux that you could scream bloody Merlot? We’ve got you covered. Elsewhere in France, William Kelley continues his ever-expanding coverage of Burgundy with nearly 300 more reviews of the 2016 and 2017 recent offerings, not to mention hundreds of fantastic new releases from Champagne including a dedicated look at Krug’s latest and greatest sparklers. Plus, he has penned a sneak preview of some recently released 2017s from Chablis, just in time for the warm weather. 

Speaking of warm-weather wines, Joe Czerwinski has everything coming up Rosés with his latest feature on Provence Rosés. Meanwhile, from the western side of southern France, we’ve got nearly 300 notes on wines from the Roussillon, “many of which retail for prices that put them comfortably into the ‘everyday drinking’ category.”

BIG news this issue for Italian wine lovers: We’ve got over 750 reviews of wines from Barolo, Barbaresco and more! This is a real Piedmont mixed-bag of old and new, as our Italian reviewer Monica Larner does a bit of tasting notebook spring cleaning, unearthing some beautiful Nebbiolo treasures.

Meanwhile, our Spain reviewer has been busy, busy, busy in Central and Mediterranean Spain, focusing on Mallorca and delivering a dedicated article celebrating the Canary Islands Renaissance. Readers looking for anything but Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay will be in indigenous varieties heaven!

Off-the-beaten trail indigenous varieties are something of a specialty for our reviewer of all regions alternative, Mark Squires. This issue, he highlights a bevy of amazing discoveries from Greece, Israel and Lebanon, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria and Russia, plus a few towering Tannat beauties from Uruguay

Last and by no means least, one of our newest and brightest wine critic stars—Erin Brooks—has produced her first Sonoma report with over 500 reviews. Deep-diving into the challenging 2017 vintage, Brooks found some spectacular gems to recommend, while dishing up a wealth of great buying advice for navigating what she calls, “The Great Divide.” A must-read for Sonoma fans.

Happy wine hunting!

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